Student-led talk| Magdalena Polak

Magdalena Polak (ARAD ‘21) recently shared with the ARAD community her passion for accessible spaces and feminist art. 

Magdalena introduced the work of Swedish artist Liv Strömquist, who she learned about during the pandemic. Strömquist is a feminist graphic novelist who deals with social issues. In her book Fruit Of Knowledge: The Vulva vs. The Patriarchy, Strömquist writes a satirical account of how different cultural figures and traditions have shaped women’s health and sexuality. See below the recording and Magdalena’s entertaining recount of her experience with the novel:

About Magdalena Polak: Magdalena is from Vienna, Austria. She received her BA in Art History and Russian from St. Andrews University in Scotland. Always interested in establishing cross-references, as an undergraduate she focussed on comparing Medieval with Twentieth Century art; particularly looking into sensory experience during Catholic Mass and comparing it with sensory stimulation during Performance Art from the 1960s. Being as passionate about the performing as she is about the visual arts, Magdalena is committed to the idea of the art forms’ consistent support for each other and considers them interlinked. Prior to joining the ARAD program, she interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Collection Friedrichshof and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, as well as spending six months studying in St. Petersburg.

ARAD Student-led Talks is a series of events organized by ARAD’s social coordinator to provide a space for current students to share their projects, passions, research interests, professional experiences, among others, with their cohort.

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