Meet Fei Wang, ARAD’s new International Research Project Assistant

Fei Wang Photo.jpg

We extend a warm welcome to Fei Wang, the Arts Administration’s new International Research Project Assistant.

Fei Wang is a first-year graduate student in the ARAD program. She is passionate about promoting intercultural exchanges through the powerful intersection between art and technology. She was the Director of Marketing and Media for the Madrigal Singers at Boston College and the Music Specialist for the “World Atlas of Language” project, developed by UNESCO and Talkmate. She also interned at LinkedIn, where she developed her interests in public relations and professional learning. With a diverse background in music performance, arts technology, and marketing, Fei hopes to integrate her passion and skills to promote the educational value of the arts to a broader audience.

What excites you most about this position?

As an international student from China who has studied in the U.S. for five years, I find this position an exciting opportunity to identify and address the various needs of international students in the ARAD program. Knowing the challenges that international students face, I have always been hoping for a unique platform that is dedicated to the development of the significant student body who face so many challenges in the American academic and professional environment. It’s such a unique role and allows me to use my creativity and knowledge to make a difference in what I deeply care about for my international community. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to take this responsibility in helping improve the experience of international students in the ARAD program!

In your spare time, what do you like to do?

I like singing and playing the piano, and I love going to all kinds of concerts to listen to beautiful music! I also like to write reflections to kill some time with a notebook at hand.


Every trip to Chinatown makes a fun hangout in the city! It’s amazing to see how many great food choices there are in the New York City, which makes me feel at home!

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