Student Spotlight: Haley DeLuca

Haley DeLuca, ARAD ’18, is a graduate of Davidson College, where she majored in Classics with a minor in Theatre. A lifelong musical theatre junkie, she ran her school’s all-girls a cappella group and co-produced Davidson’s first completely student-run musical. As a former actor (not failed, pre-successful), she also knows how to make every drink on Starbucks’ menu. She currently works as a press agent at DKC/O&M, assisting on publicity campaigns for Broadway shows such as School of Rock and Children of a Lesser God, as well as for The Actors Fund.

We sat down with Haley in the Arts Administration Office to hear more about who she is and her perspectives on the ARAD experience – check it out below!

Introduce yourself and share your favorite ARAD and New York City experiences!

Video Feb 22, 4 11 31 PM from ARAD Assistant on Vimeo.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Video Feb 22, 4 09 42 PM from ARAD Assistant on Vimeo.

What is one highlight from completing your degree that you’re proud of?

Video Feb 22, 4 13 47 PM from ARAD Assistant on Vimeo.

Share your experiences of the ARAD program.

Video Feb 22, 4 15 50 PM from ARAD Assistant on Vimeo.

Thanks for spending some time with us Haley!

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