2nd Year Feature: Teresa Calves

Teresa CalvesDescribe your final semester as an ARAD student. My final semester was incredibly busy, but rewarding. I took five courses, interned at an amazing organization, and participated in Student Advocates for the Arts’ annual trip to Washington D.C. for National Arts Advocacy Day. Completing my thesis as early as I could helped me balance my schedule, my assignments, and job hunt.

Where were you interning this semester?  I worked as a Development Fellow, Feminist-in-Residence at Girl Be Heard.

What are the next steps for you after graduation? I will be moving in with my fiancé in May. I will be starting a new job in June. I will also be planning our wedding which will be in Winter 2017. Oh, and I have to find a reliable dog-walker.

Do you currently have an employment opportunity secured after graduation? I will be working for Educational Arts Team as their Program Administrator. They are a nonprofit that provides a range of programs in language arts and social skill development to meet the needs of elementary schools and the community including workshops for students K-8 and professional development for teachers. The programs use age-appropriate drama, writing, storytelling, puppetry, music, dance and visual art activities as strategies for teaching basic academic subject areas, encouraging positive learning experiences and promoting positive relationships.

Did this opportunity come about as a result of your time at ARAD? The courses I have taken in Management, Law, Development, and Marketing have helped me become a well-rounded arts leader and made me an ideal candidate for this position which requires all of these skills. Teachers College is a well-respected program and helped me get my foot in the door.

What do you find most exciting to you about your transition from the ARAD program onto your next steps? I am excited to apply my new skills to a full-time position. I look forward to fully focusing on my new job. No more homework makes me excited, as well.

With my Masters in Arts Administration, I not only gained new skills and knowledge, but I also have gained more confidence in myself and my abilities. I am fully capable of having a place at the table and having my voice heard.

If you could choose one word to sum up your ARAD experience – what would it be? Life-changing counts as one word? There’s a dash, it counts. Life-changing!

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