Student Spotlight: Mary Angelo

Mary Angelo_TC
Mary is a Student Mentor for 2016-17

Mary Angelo is a graduate of Idyllwild Arts and holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University. Mary served as Resident Choreographer for the Red House Arts Center in Syracuse and received a Gregory Award Nomination for her work on HAIR! at Arts West Playhouse in Seattle. Her company, Angelo Dance Project has performed in Dumbo Dance Festival, Young Choreographers Festival and Dancing Under the Stars Festival. As an administrator she has worked with organization including Creative Outlet Dance Theater, Art Directors Club, Citi Habitats, and Red Bull North America. Mary is currently interning at New York City Center in the Programming office.

What attracted you to the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University? I was really attracted by the multidisciplinary curriculum in ARAD program. Being able to take advantage of the resource throughout Columbia and tailor the program to fit my interests was a huge draw for me.  Another big attraction was the location. I was living  in New York City for several years prior and want to work here after I complete the program. The ability to continue to cultivate professional networks and intern/work in NYC was important for me.

How are your studies helping to advance your career goals? The ability to take a wide variety of electives and tailor the program to your own interest have been incredibly helpful. Last semester I was able to take a Theater course in the Graduate School of Arts that gave my first hand exposure and insight to the world Broadway and Off Broadway management.

Describe student life as a member of the ARAD community. I love that the ARAD community is made up of people who are as passionate as the arts as I am. Everyone is carving their own path in the field and is eager to share their knowledge and experiences. With our varied backgrounds and interests the ARAD community has been a great person and professional resource for me.

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