Student Spotlight: Yukino Kondo

Yukino is a Student Mentor for 2016-17

Yukino Kondo is a 2014 graduate of Ithaca College, with degrees in theatre studies and integrated marketing communications. She is currently interning with LaPlaca Cohen, an advertising agency that exclusively serves the creative and cultural sector. Before coming to the ARAD program, she completed a season long management fellowship and a summer long community engagement internship at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. Previously, she has completed internships at the Hangar Theatre, AKA UK, and Pilobolus Dance Theatre, for whom she currently does some freelance graphic design work. Her passion for all forms of performing arts and an interest in marketing has led her to pursue a career in arts administration, and she hopes to work in management for a large-scale performing arts organization.

What attracted you to the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University? I was attracted to the ARAD program, because of its diverse course offerings and an opportunity to be among one of diverse backgrounds. While I majored in theatre in undergrad, I am passionate about all forms of the performing arts, and I wanted to gain various perspectives from classmates with different backgrounds in classes. The ARAD program also presented to me the various ways I can become a better arts advocate.

How are your studies helping to advance your career goals? While business and other research classes have provided me with the practical skills needed to run a sustainable arts organization, other more philosophical classes on the arts have driven me to think critically on the issues present in arts administration.

Describe student life as a member of the ARAD community. Our cohort consists of students from various professional and cultural backgrounds. We are very supportive of each other by helping each other to become better arts advocates.

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