Student Spotlight: Sarah Zegree

SarahZegreeSarah Zegree graduated with honors from Western Michigan University in 2013, where she majored in Music Education. She has held several positions as an accompanist, music educator, piano teacher, arranger, audio engineer, and music director for schools, and will have two choral arrangements published this year. Sarah is a pianist and singer, and continues to freelance in New York City. Her ambition lies in domestic and international arts organizations and festivals, arts advocacy, and accessibility of arts education. Sarah is currently interning with Manhattan Concert Productions (concert and festivals) in development, and Music First (cloud-based Music Education software) as a content and lesson creator.

What attracted you to the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University? The diversity in the curriculum and the students. I was drawn to the fact that the program features performing and visual arts and that is represented by the students and faculty. In a lot of ways, everyone in the program has a different interest, but one that is grounded in a passion for the arts. It has allowed me to expand my mind and worldview. The fact that New York City holds endless opportunities for students and young professionals might have influenced my decision as well!

How are your studies helping to advance your career goals? The coursework is rigorous, but still allows for internships and experiences outside the program. I can cater my two years here to fit my needs exactly and help me develop a path for the future. There is also a fantastic mix of theoretical learning and practical experiences within the core courses that compliment each other. Finally, the “cohort” which with I graduate, in addition to the alumni of the program, is an instant network. I’ve already benefitted from the ARAD network in my time here.

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