Student Spotlight: Lawrence Haynes

Copyright Samantha Burakrdt 2015Lawrence is a 2013 graduate of The University of Nottingham, majoring in Law. His primary focus is theatre, with an emphasis in producing musical theatre. Lawrence was recently engaged as producer and musical director of a very successful city-wide theatrical production that had never been done before in the UK, paving the way for other performing arts organisations. While attending university, Lawrence ran weekly classes teaching musical theatre singing and performance. He has previously worked as an actor and script contributor, with a recent production feature as “Pick of the Fringe” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Lawrence is pursuing a career in theatrical production and management.

What attracted you to the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University? I was attracted to Teachers College not only because of the academic excellence associated with the University, but for the diverse range of learning opportunities for a career in the arts. Arts Administration is particularly excellent because I saw that I could learn and cultivate best practice amongst management of all forms of art. I love that there is a smaller cohort, I feel that I can easily make good friends, network with like-minded individuals, and learn in a pragmatic environment.

How are your studies helping to advance your career goals? The studies cover many facets of managing the arts, from a not for profit and a commercial point of view. Learning best practices from a spectrum of visual to performing arts is an incredible way to build a “tool kit” and be inspired to adapt practices relative to your professional field by being informed of those in another. The classroom atmosphere is the perfect learning environment. Everyone in the cohort contributes equally through discussions and group work, enabling an excellent, holistic way to learn and understand your chosen field and others.

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