Student Spotlight: Eun Jin Kang (Jin)


Jin believes in expanding access to art through experiential curation and new media technology. In addition to co-founding a multidisciplinary art event design agency, DAU al SET,  Jin has worked in diverse arts and culture organizations in both for- and non-profit sectors. Jin is both passionate and knowledgeable in contemporary art, emerging and new media art, and arts marketing through digital platforms. As an effective communicator, Jin has organized and facilitated gallery exhibitions, art fairs, multimedia performances, film screenings, and public events. Jin is also a bilingual arts and culture writer and has participated in a variety of public speaking events.

What attracted you to the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University?

I was looking for a program where I could learn effective and innovative ways of presenting art to the public in an accessible, intelligible, and educational manner, in museums and public art institutions. The Arts Administration Program at Teachers College not only offers a theoretical and practical foundation, but also allows its students to be exposed to diverse cultural sectors. This helps students to develop a comprehensive and responsible outlook toward the arts and culture ecology.

How are your studies helping to advance your career goals?

I’ve learned many important issues pertaining to the arts and their impact to society. The breadth and depth of the discussions I’ve had with my classmates have allowed me to see the challenges and opportunities of presenting arts and culture, which I wasn’t aware of when I was working in the field. The wider understanding of the arts industry has helped me approach organizations and positions with the right questions and suggestions. Finally, the opportunities one can get as a Columbia student are valuable and limitless: friends and alumni offer incredible advice and resources, as well as the school’s connection to cultural institutions.

Describe student life as a member of the ARAD community.

Basically, you have friends that are associated with almost every important cultural institution of the city, meaning the conversations you have with your classmates are often the most interesting and enlightening discussions you will have! And the best part – this happens on a daily basis! Often, my semester is composed of me running between school, my internship, and my passion projects – all of which are incredible and concentrated learning experiences. I will definitely miss my time here!

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