Interview with second-year student, Carolina Cambronero Varela

DSCN2759ARAD’s social media coordinator and first-year student, Mari Takeda, recently sat down with second-year student and president of Student Advocates for the Arts (SAA), Carolina Cambronero Varela, to talk about being a TC student, running SAA, and more.

Mari: What drew you to this program?

Carolina: Having the access to interdisciplinary resources in education, human rights, leadership, and peace education (to name a few) in conjunction with the dual (visual and performing) arts administration (ARAD) nature of the program. I came to ARAD with the question of how can the arts, particularly its transformative power, create social change? The opportunity of being in this program has provided insights into the importance for advocating that the arts are a human right. The arts change lives by providing freedom to thrive!

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