Artists at the Center: An Interview with Ann Marie Lonsdale

AnnMarieLonsdale_PicAnn Marie Lonsdale is a 2009 graduate of the Arts Administration program. She is currently the Director of Programs at A.R.T./New York, an organization that has supported New York’s nonprofit theatre community since it was founded in 1972. As an experienced performer, stage manager, and producer in theater and dance, Ann Marie has spent a lot of time in the theatre, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. 

Hannah Fenlon, ArAd ’15, asked Ann Marie five questions about her past experiences and her future endeavors, and her answers did not disappoint!

Hannah Fenlon: Early in your career, you were a stage manager in Chicago. It should be known that stage managers are among my favorite humans ever, but putting that aside: can you tell me a little about the transition from stage management to arts administration? 

Ann Marie Lonsdale: Aw! Me too! I love stage managers, and not just because I was one for several years. Continue reading “Artists at the Center: An Interview with Ann Marie Lonsdale”