Student Spotlight: Brittany Locke

BrittanyLockeBrittany graduated from Brown University with a BA in the History of Art and Architecture. She then chose to pursue her Juris Doctorate degree at Boston College Law School, where she graduated this past spring. Looking to satisfy her creative interests while in law school, Brittany interned as a Rights and Permissions assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and as a program manager for the Illuminations art exhibition program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. She also held multiple roles, including Studio Director, at The Academy of Artistic Performance Performing Arts School in Massachusetts. As a result of her experiences, Brittany is interested in the managerial side of both the visual and performing arts, as well as the role that art plays in comfort and healing. She sees an incredible crossover between her educational background and her artistic interests and is interested in pursuing the connection further. Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Brittany Locke”