Student Spotlight: Matt Lenzi

mlenzi200Matt is a Long Island boy and a graduate of the theatre program at the College of William and Mary. Before joining the ARAD program he worked as an actor/director/writer in the downtown theatre world. He has performed and worked in numerous theatres throughout NYC and is a founding member and the Executive Director of the Blowout Theatre Company. He currently works as the Assistant Production Manager of an orchestra that performs at Lincoln Center and works for the Public Theater on several projects including Shakespeare in the Park. He is interesting in working in management and executive leadership for non-profit theatres and is a lifelong storyteller.

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New book series on Culture and Economic Life at Stanford University Press, co-edited by ARAD Professor Jennifer Lena!

The ARAD program congratulates our faculty member, Dr. Jennifer Lena, on a new book series she will be co-editing!

The series, Culture and Economic Life, acts as a forum for discussing the evolution, creation, and consequences of commerce and culture. Current theoretical and empirical debates span a wide variety of topics, and this series seeks to advance and stimulate discussions across these disciplines to provide an interdisciplinary look at how culture and economic life intersect. The series also informs a larger audience of policy and public debates in the for- and not-for-profit sectors.

This great news comes just after Dr. Lena’s book, Banding Together: How Communities Create Genres in Popular Music, was released as a paperback earlier this month.

Congratulations on these achievements, Dr. Lena!

Holiday Party in Harlem

ARAD students, faculty, and staff came together to enjoy food, drinks, and great conversation for their annual holiday party. This year, the event took place in central Harlem, a New York neighborhood famed for its unique blend of arts, music, food, and culture. Taking advantage of this thriving arts and music scene located so close to Columbia, the party was held at Harlem Tavern, a restaurant and beer garden located on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Those there were able to listen to live music while eating great food and engaging in lively discussion.