Introducing the ARAD Alumni Committee!

With great pleasure, the ARAD Program and Alumni Committee Co-Chairs announce the inaugural ARAD Alumni Committee! We were thrilled to have received many strong applications for this initiative, including several outstanding candidates for the role of Co-Chair.

The first step in assembling the Committee was determining the second Co-Chair to assist with the selection of the nine remaining committee members. After careful consideration, 2011 graduate Priya Sircar has been appointed to this role. As a senior consultant at Lord Cultural Resources, Priya works nationally on cultural policy and planning initiatives, and she is looking forward to collaborating with ARAD to enrich the experiences of both alumni and current ARAD students.

Together, Co-Chairs Eric, Priya, and Program Manager, Jess reviewed the Committee applications and were gratified to see the dedication and care reflected in these submissions. Assembling an 11-member Committee reflecting the geographic, ethnic, and professional diversity of alumni, inclusive of graduates spanning the 34 years of the Program, was both an honor and a challenge. The resulting committee represents a passionate team, eager to serve the alumni community. The members of the inaugural 2014 Committee are:

                                                                    Shagorica Basu, 2002, California
                                                               Sarah Bolson Barnett, 2008, New York
                                                              Carolyn Charpie Fagan, 2012, New York
                                                                     Daniel Gallant, 2004, New York
                                                       Javier Iturralde de Bracamonte, 2010, New York
                                                                     Alison Kaplan, 1992, New York
                                                          Co-Chair: Eric Oberstein, 2009, North Carolina
                                                                      Yvonne Senouf, 1991, Greece
                                                           Michiko Simanjuntak Grasso, 2001, New York
                                                                 Co-Chair: Priya Sircar, 2011, New York
                                                                Amanda White Thietje, 2008, Minnesota

Please join us in congratulating this talented group of alumni on their new role with the ARAD Program. We welcome their participation and leadership in helping to steer the Program and community towards new heights in the years ahead.
       The Committee looks forward to getting started in service to ARAD alumni and students!